Yellow Moomin Misabel Mug


This range of Moomin mugs features Moominmamma’s Maid Misabel from the 1956 comic book of that name. On one side is Misabel with a sad and long suffering expression washing a huge pile of dishes ,watched by her little dog Sorry-oo. On the other side, she is on her knees scrubbing the rug watched by Moominmamma. Secretly though, Misabel actually enjoys being miserable; her character is perfectly captured in this charming illustration by Arabia artist Tove Slotte. You can find more Moomin products here.

Product Details 

Size: 0.3L, Material: Porcelain, Care: All porcelain objects can be washed in a dishwasher. All porcelain objects can withstand use in ovens, microwave ovens and freezers. However, do not move objects directly from high heat to low heat. Do not place objects filled with liquid in the freezer.

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