Ligne Roset Prado

A complete rethink of the classic sofa; the Ligne Roset Prado by Christian Werner focuses on lifestyles and human interaction with seating. The Ligne Roset Prado consists of a wide seat which can be used separately or in conjunction with back cushions. The back cushion is designed with an anti-slip system, so could be scattered on the floor for spontaneous games or dinner on a low table.


Dimensions: Medium Settee (depth 100) – H870, W2000, D1000, SH405mm. Medium Settee (depth 120) – H870, W2000, D1200, SH405mm. Large Settee – H870, W2400, D 1200, SH 405mm. Back Cushion – H 500, W700, D 470mm.


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