Mags Soft by HAY

Mags Soft by HAY is our newest sofa, available to see in our showroom from January 2022.

Rounded edges and soft cushions create a milder, relaxed tone with the Mags Soft Sofa by HAY. Retaining the same strong aesthetic presence as its firmer, more pared back sibling Mags, this version takes on a more fluid, poetic silhouette. Optimal comfort and durability are ensured by the sofa’s solid construction, which has been built using durable, high-density foam and covered with down padding for extra softness. The low frame has a distinctly lounge feel, which is reinforced by the deep seats and results in a more open, welcoming space. The wide range of functional modular units mean the sofa can be fully customised with chaise longue, corner modules or additional seats to suit any room or purpose, while the numerous upholstery options allow the sofa to find its own personality. Please contact us for more information.

You can read more about the Mags Soft here.

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