In recent years, dressing rooms have redefined their place within the modern interior. They have huge design potential, providing storage solutions and practical spaces. Personalised storage brings a sense of luxury to your home by providing order and organisation for your belongings, as well as a warming space not just to choose, but enjoy your clothes.

During the pandemic, the demand for dressing rooms has been on the rise. With people working remotely and spending more time in their home, the need for a fresh, purposeful space has increased dramatically. The sense of order and purpose that a storage space provides is essential in maintaining a sense of normality, especially when our usual sense of routine has disappeared.

The variety of furniture that exists on the market today will allow you to customise a storage solution that fits your space perfectly. Walk-in-wardrobes are making a comeback, providing purpose-driven storage solutions that can be custom fitted to your space. Everything from the finish, drawers, lighting, panels, hangers and proportions can be decided by you. This flexibility is essential in creating a personal space that meets your needs.

One of our best suppliers of customised wardrobes are Pianca. The Pianca factory is in Northern Italy, not far from Venice. They produce an extensive range of storage furniture, wardrobes and bedroom furniture, as well as tables and sideboards. Recent investment in new machinery has meant that many pieces can be made exactly to the customers’ requirement. For example, wardrobes can be made in any height, width or depth without any increase in price over the standard specification. There is a choice of 20 lacquer colours, as well as wood finishes.

Here you can see an example of Anteprima, a fully-customisable wardrobe system from Pianca. You can choose whether or not to have back panels, and then continue to add shelves, drawer units, suspended cubbies and hangers in order to create the best storage solution for your tastes and style. There are a large selection of finishes available, so there really is no end to what you can design.

These customisation options allow every small detail to be accounted for. Pianca provide hangers for belts and scarves, as well as storage boxes for watches and jewellery. It’s this attention to detail that make them one of the leading furniture producers not only in Italy, but worldwide. With Pianca’s high quality products and our expertise, you can create a wardrobe that brings a sense of value and practicality to your home.